October 18, 2018

after nearly a decade working in the field of infertility and entire life of being a type a, logical scientist, i was certain that if anyone could handle a miscarriage, it would be me. i understand the science, i know the statistics and i've supported countless women through losses of their own.

but what i could never have truly understood through reading or studying or empathizing was how i would feel when i found out i was pr...

July 9, 2018

if you haven't yet read part one, head over there to read my top 5 tips for preparing for baby.

everything on this list makes my life as a mom easier. some may work for you, some may not. but i hope that my exhaustive (and exhausting) research will help fast track some decision making for what you need for your little one. i've broken it down into sleeping, eating, pooping/bathing and playing. and i've thrown in travel and baby...

February 18, 2018

i get asked questions all the time from friends about what they should put on their baby registry. even a year and a half later, i still get PTSD flashbacks to the first time i walked into buy buy baby to start our registry. mike found me literally turning around in panicked circles in the stroller section mumbling "get me out of here, oh my god, get me out of here." i wish i was exaggerating but that's the god's honest truth....

April 14, 2017

​we didn't find out the gender of our baby during our pregnancy so we knew we'd be designing a gender neutral nursery. it wasn't hard for us to pick the feel we wanted--we decided to theme the room directly from our wedding colors of gray, green and copper. we opted for gray walls, white and oak furniture, oak floors, green plant accents and copper errrrrrwhere. we hopped on the copper/rose gold train before it was hot so we e...

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